StoicOS - Second Brain

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Make your real life an epic adventure with this fully automated Stoic-themed Notion template.

Turn your goals into quest, and add a dash of fun with Fortuna's Favor wheel.

What's included in the free template

  • Duties - Integrated Task Management System that lets you manage skills, quests, and projects all from a single dashboard.
  • Skills - Unlock real-life rewards and gain experience by completing activities and quests.
  • Cooking level - Manage your weight goals and track your daily calorie intake. Plus, the integrated recipe database makes cooking a breeze.
  • Strength level - Maintain an organize record of your workouts to mointor your progress towards fitness goals.
  • Constitution level - Compare key health metrics from your wearables on a weekly basis to keep your health in check.
  • Mindfulness level - Capture your daily focus, energy, and mood levels in the daily journal template.
  • Philosophy level - Make notes of your skill or project-related thoughts, fully integrated with all pages.
  • Project Pages - Dedicated pages for all your life's projects, both professional and personal, fully integrated with tasks, notes, and quests.

Level Up with the Premium Template

  • Quests - Turn your real-life challenges into quests. Earn experience, Fortuna spins, and coins to spend in the Agora (market)
  • Fortuna's Favour - Engage in a daily mini-quest or unlock a reward with your daily fortuna spin. A neuroscience-backed motivation booster with a 10% chance of hitting a reward.
  • Agora (Market) - Keep a log of your wish list in the agora, rewarding yourself only when you have enough coins in your pouch. Earn those coins by completing quests.
  • Bank - Keep your personal finances in check by viewing them through the lens of a business - with income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow views.
  • Weekly and Monthly Review - Streamlined productivity flows make weekly and monthly reviews a breeze.

Are you ready to play?

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StoicOS - Second Brain

14 ratings
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